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Low Libido Prime your Pump Ladies: Debra Laino at TEDxWilmington

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Have YOU ever wondered why YOU have a sexual dysfunction? Or why YOUR relationship is suffering?  Have YOU worried about performance? If so it is time to make a change…

Books by Dr. Debra Laino

Look out for Dr. Laino’s NEW book:

Sex Therapy 101 –  Set to come out in February of 2014

Trolley Square

Love For All Eternity Guide To Intimacy

Eleven Reasons Why Women Cheat

Breast Envy

The Madonna Complex

Dr. Laino has also written the forward to the book Penis Envy

You can purchase Dr. Debra Laino’s ebook Trolley Square the first in the series at: http://www.amazon.com

Trolley Square is also in print and is available in select bookstores

Love For All Eternity Guide To Intimacy is also available in print.  The Guide highlights 16 of the best sexual positions for couples.  The Guide is sold in conjunction with RK Relan’s inspirational book, Love for All Eternity.  You can purchase these books at www.RKRPublishing.com

Eleven Reasons Why Women Cheat also available for purchase at http://www.synergebooks.com as well as www. amazon.com

Breast Envy: Co-Authored with Dr. Peter Sacco at http://www.barnesandnoble.com

The Madonna Complex: Co-authored with Dr. Peter Sacco-released in London, England-Chipmunk Publishing
These books are for purchase at http://www.amazon.com

You can also purchase all of these books at http://www.amazon.com

Dr. Laino also writes a quarterly column for InRecovery Magazine.


Some of the many articles written:

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