Dr. Debra Laino practices Holistic Sex Therapy meaning that she looks at the origin of the issues and works toward solutions to those issues.  She also works with the whole person as sexual wellness encompasses many areas of one’s life.

Dr. Debra Laino DHS, M.ED, MS holds a Doctorate in Human Sexuality, a Masters Degree in Education, and a Masters Degree in Psychology. She has over 15 years of professional experience. Dr. Laino is also the Past President and founding member of Delaware Association for Sexology (DAS).

Dr. Debra Laino is Board Certified by the American College of Sexologists and Diplomate of The American Board of Sexology.  In addition she is an AASECT certified Sexuality Educator.
Dr. Debra Laino is also a member of AASECT (American Association for Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists), The American College of Sexologists, The American Board of Sexology and many more. She has lectured for other professional organizations including Christiana Hospital, Christiana Counseling Center, The Clinical Social Work Society of Delaware, Delaware Counseling Association, Teen Alliances, The Claymont Community Center (organizations within), Cooper University Hospital (05-06), among others.

Dr. Debra Laino has conducted countless workshops on topics such as Issues in Sex Therapy, Cancer and Intimacy, Fellatio, Kama Sutra/Sexual Positions, Healthy Relationships, Diversity in Human Sexuality, Sexual Dysfunctions and Function, and many more.

Dr. Laino is also a Psychology Professor at Philadelphia University and Wilmington University where she teaches courses ranging from Group Dynamics, Interpersonal Communication, Abnormal Psychology, Lifespan Development, Human Sexuality, Human Sexuality Counseling, Theories of Personality, and a host of other regularly taught courses every semester.
Dr. Debra Laino is a published author.  “Trolley Square” and an Intimacy Guide titled “Love for All Eternity Guide to Intimacy.” Her book “Eleven Reasons Why Women Cheat” was released in May of 2010.  You can purchase “Eleven Reasons Why Women Cheat” at www.synergebooks.com.  Dr. Laino co-authored “Breast Envy” and “The Madonna Complex” with Internationally known Author and Psychologist Dr. Peter Sacco.  “The Madonna Complex” was released in February 2011 in London.  Dr.Laino is currently a columnist for InRecovery Magazine.  She is comfortable answering and asking all questions related to sexuality and relationships.
Dr. Debra Laino has appeared on numerous television and radio programs, including “It’s Your Call With Lynn Doyle”, NBC “The 10 Show,”  WMCM Television, Playboy Radio, WKEST San Francisco Talk Therapy, Rowen Radio 89.7, and various radio shows across the country, as well as Cosmopolitan Magazine, MORE Magazine, Women’s Day Magazine and many more.  She is the former host of Raw Sex on WNJC New Jersey 1360 am where she addressed common sex and relationship issues, including interviews with MD’s and therapists.

“I am comfortable answering any question and educating any audience about sexuality and relationships.  I invite you to discuss any issues or concerns you may be having with your sexuality and/or your relationship.”

Dr. Debra Laino

 For Speaking engagements contact Dr Laino directly at dr_laino@yahoo.com or her publicist at RobertallenPR@gmail.com

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