Question from the live Sex Cafe at Stoney’s

I received a question about birth control in my question bag from the live Sex Cafe this past Weds night.
“I’m on birth control but it is lowering my sex drive per the dosage. I wasn’t ok with that. Is there something I can do?”

Answer: birth control can lower sex drive due to the fact that you are entering synthetic hormones into your system. To be honest- I’m not a big fan of birth control pills for the mere fact that they can wreak havoc with your system. But many women use them and seem to be ok. If you are having issues you can switch to another pill or method like the ring- sometimes it takes a few to get one to work with your body chemistry.

Condoms are an option as well- so are ovulation kits. You may want to also think about getting fitted for a diaphragm which has no hormones in it. However it is said to use spermicide with these which again I’m not a big fan of because over time the spermicide eats away at vaginal lining making you more susceptible to infection.

IUDs are also an option. Non hormonal IUDs are effective but again some women have side effects.

Dr. Deb Laino