Dr. Laino does not participate in any health insurance program. Therefore each client is responsible for payment after each session by cash, check, or money order only.

Initial appointments are made by phone 302-521-8258 only. Appointments after the initial appointment can be made by email only with confirmation of Dr. Debra Laino. Each session lasts 60 minutes. Because sexuality is an integral part of my client’s well-being we will work together for a successful outcome. Client’s will receive the best treatment options that are available.

First initial session is $150.00
Subsequent sessions are $125.00

Therapy Packages: Client’s can choose to prepay for therapy either for in person sessions or phone sessions. Five sessions $550.00 and Ten sessions $1,050.00. Check, cash or money order will be received prior to the start of the sessions.

Note: It is important to mention that Phone Sessions are available for Individuals/couples who live in other states. Call 302-521-8258 or email for details.

(A sliding fee is now available)

Therapy is meant for people to take their lives to another level. Simply put, therapy helps people make the changes they wish to make for their lives. Your life is the most valuable thing you have-treat it well!

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