Penis Size

The age old question that everyone asks. Does penis size really matter?
This is a tricky question. For some people it does- for others it does not. Generally with regard to women’s physiology it only takes a 3 inch penis to physically stimulate her because of the nerve endings surrounding the outer third of the vagina. However, there is some level of psychological sex where the visual of a larger penis is a big turn on (for both males and females).
Most important thing however, is that sexual activity can take many forms- not just vaginal penile or penile anal-Sexuality can be expressed in many different ways!

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    1. Hi,
      3 inches soft is perfectly “normal.” There are things like penis pumps etc but using them long term can have a negative effect. Making sure that you are healthy and in shape is also important for adequate blood flow.
      Just curious- how big are you when erect? Keep in mind that many people (both men and women – don’t want to assume hetero or homo) do not necessarily like a very large penis. As a matter of fact many women can’t handle a larger penis based on where their cervix is- just some thoughts-
      Dr. Deb

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