What Is Sex Therapy

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Have YOU ever wondered why YOU have a sexual dysfunction? Or why YOUR relationship is suffering?  Have YOU worried about performance?

Have YOU ever wanted to improve YOUR relationship or YOUR SELF?

If so it is time to make a change…

Sex Therapy is a specialized form of therapy that allows the client (individual or partnered) to explore the origins of his/her/their sexual issues. The primary mode of treatment is talk therapy and emotional and mental exploration as well as take home exercises as needed. Sex Therapy is based on the assumption that sex is positive and a meaningful part of a healthy life. Both males and females have the right to equality within the realm of sexuality.

An important goal of Sex Therapy is developing a meaningful relationship with the self as well as meaningful relationships with others. Sexual issues can range from emotional, biological/physiological, behavioral, and psychological. Sexual issues can play havoc on an individual’s self identity, level of functioning and outlook on life. It is because of this that the etiology of Sex Therapy helps individual’s integrate healthy sexual expression into their lives.

Sexual issues can also be the product of other things happening in an individual’s life, i.e. relationship issues, trauma, depression, anxiety, health issues, medications to name a few. When in a relationship no matter how that relationship is defined, it is important for the other partner(s) to be supportive of Sex Therapy. The number one reason for this is that it allows both partners to take responsibility for improving the relationship.

With the above stated, the success of treatment depends on client’s motivation, the client’s goals for treatment, the issue presented, and the underlying issues.

Dr. Laino does individual, couples, and group therapy.

Find Out About Dr. Deb’s Naked Days- A technique used for couples to bring intimacy to their relationship

Dr. Debra Laino is a Board Certified Clinical Sexologist/Sex Therapist by the American Board of Sexology (certification # 2783) where she is a Diplomate. She is also Board Certified by The American College of Sexologists. Dr. Debra Laino is an AASECT Ceritified Sexuality Educator. She is a member of a number or professional organizations which are highlighted under the About Dr. Debra Laino page. Dr. Laino practices Sex Therapy and Couples Counseling in Wilmington Delaware and also does phone sessions across the country.

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“We are uncovering new research that proves that food can not only cure physical illness, but also improve and potentially cure mental health issues” A quote from March 2014 issue of Vegan Health and Fitness Magazine by Dr. Debra Laino

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    I enjoyed your article in Serene Scene 9/13. I am the editor of the above in-print, full color, national magazine. I am wondering if you might consider writing an article for us in our June 2014 issue which will focus (loosely) on mental illness recovery (with and without substance addiction). I am also looking for a regular columnist on recovery issues (though not specifically sex issues). If you might be interested, send me a query. I’ll send along submission guidelines when I get your email.


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