Naked Days

Dr. Deb’s Naked Days (registered trademark) was adopted by doing extensive research on the release of neurochemicals when couples spend time together naked.  Of course being naked is not the only thing couples need to do.  And FYI Sex/Intercourse is not the goal!  Research indicates that embracing for 30 second incriments releases a neurochemical called oxytocin into the system.  Oxytocin is nicknamed the “bonding chemical” or the “cuddle chemical.”  Bringing couples together in this way enhances their connection and undoubtedly makes couples feel more connected.  Dr. Laino has used well-known facts and has created a therapeutic exercise that enhances relationships.


In addition to this eye gazing and longer kisses are also part of Dr. Deb’s Naked Days. The goal of eye gazing and longer kisses is once again bonding.  One fact that is quite clear from working in the field of human sexuality is after a period of time (differs for all couples) eye contact starts to dimish-the loving gazes- as well as the passionate kisses (with or without the use of the tongue).  It is imperative that you bring these behaviors back into your relationship for long term success.


Dr. Laino puts clients who are ready for a Naked Day on a specific regimen of exactly what to do to bring closeness and connectedness to their relationship.

Each couple will vary with regard to specific suggestions for their Naked Day.  As always it is important to follow through with therapeutic assignments. 



“Dr Deb” put my husband and I on a regimen of her naked days and after the first time we felt more connected.  After one month we were getting along much better without nearly as much arguing!  This is a great idea for couples!



Naked Days are fun and exciting! My partner and I looked forward to spending this well needed time together!  We have incorporated Dr. Deb’s Naked Days into our weekly ritual!



We love these days!!  We look forward to getting a babysitter once a week and spending quality time together!

Jill and Mike


Dr. Deb is the best!  She is creative and caring.  She is always looking for ways to enhance people’s lives!  My husband and I have a naked day twice a month and we feel closer than ever before after 20 years of marriage!

Shauna and Jim